Dental Crowns

Dental Crowns

Dental Crowns

Dental Crowns

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If you have dental issues including chipped, broken, or badly discolored teeth, you could benefit from dental crowns. What exactly is a crown? You could think of it as sort of a protective helmet for your damaged tooth. It’s every bit as strong as a natural tooth – in fact, in most cases, it’s even stronger. Crowns are usually made out of porcelain, and can be colored to match the rest of your teeth.

If you have dental damage or discoloration, you could have crowns placed on any or all of your teeth. Dr. Eric Spellman can create dental crowns for you that will restore functionality and beauty to your teeth. He prefers the CEREC® method of creating dental crowns when appropriate.

About CEREC®

CEREC®. It’s one of the most revolutionary dental tools to hit today’s market. The CEREC® system involves the use of a special computer that allows Dr. Spellman to examine your teeth, and then create and place dental crowns in a single appointment.

CEREC® restorations are made of porcelain that’s colored to look exactly like your natural teeth. You can have a full restoration done in Dr. Spellman’s office in just three steps.

The Procedure

Dr. Spellman will examine your teeth, determine what needs to be done in order to prepare them to receive your crown or crowns, and then remove any decay that is present. He will use CEREC® technology to take a picture of the tooth, or teeth, which must be prepared, and then design and create your custom crown in the same visit. If the tooth is not fully broken down he can use the technology to create an inlay or onlay, thus preserving natural tooth structure.

The CEREC® 3-dimensional system consists of an acquisition unit, software, and a milling unit. The acquisition unit is what takes the picture of your tooth and then creates a 3-dimensional model of it, which Dr. Spellman will use to design your crown on the computer screen. Then the milling unit makes the custom crown. Dr. Spellman will choose a ceramic block that is closest to your natural tooth color and place it in the unit. Then the milling unit will create the crown. This means that you don’t have to worry about having messy impressions taken, and there’s no need for the services of an outside lab to create the crown.

Once the milling unit has manufactured the crown, Dr. Spellman will cement it in place, and in just one visit, you’ll have a fully restored tooth.

Caring for Your Dental Crowns

A crown doesn’t require any special treatment – simply brush and floss the way you usually do, and see Dr. Spellman for regular checkups. Your crown will not decay, and it will resist discoloration. Keep in mind, though, that if you’re prone to grinding your teeth, crowns can be damaged the same way as your natural teeth.

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If you have damaged or discolored teeth, dental crowns can be the perfect solution, and CEREC® crowns are one of the best options. If you’d like to learn more about how dental crowns can improve the functionality and appearance of your teeth, contact Dr. Spellman today at 914-618-3400 to book a consultation. Our Larchmont dental team is waiting to serve you.

Eric Spellman, DMD

Dr. Eric Spellman and his staff take pride in providing a comfortable, caring experience for our patients in the Larchmont area. Call us today at 914-618-3400.


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